Reading services

I am currently OPEN to critical beta reading requests.

As an avid and passionate reader, an aspiring author, a book reviewer, and a part of the book community, I’ve grown to become a critical reader. When you’ve read the amount of books I’ve read in my life, you start understanding more and more about what makes a book good and memorable to so many people.

I don’t want to waste that knowledge, so after beta reading for people behind the scenes, I have now decided to make this a public service! Be sure to read on to find out more!

Why my beta reading could be of great use:

  • As a part of the book community, I have an insight at what makes readers love or dislike a book.
  • I’ve learned how to voice my opinions on things clearly.
  • I’m especially good at worldbuilding and character dynamics.
  • As an advocate for diverse books, I am more than willing to help with that.
  • I’m overall just really, really passionate.

As a beta-reader, I will provide you with:

  • Honest in-depth critique and feedback.
  • Line by line commentary.
  • A document with my general thoughts after I’ve read it.

I will be focusing on your novel in general, meaning plot, characters, relationships, worldbuilding, dialogu, writing style, and more are what I primarily look at. I’ll also pay attention to typos and grammatical errors, but they are not my priority.

I accept requests in all major age categories (young adult, adult, middle grade) and in these genres:

  • Fantasy
  • Mystery/Thriller
  • Contemporary
  • Romance
  • Historical
  • Horror
  • Science fiction

I currently don’t charge anything for my reading services.

My areas of expertise (sensitivity reading):

Keep in mind: all of the information I can provide you on these topics is from what I’ve lived through. My experience might not be universal and though I will always try to look beyond myself, too, to be sure I spot harmful content.

  • Lesbian/Sapphic representation.
  • Neurodiverse (autism) representation.
  • Anxiety and/or (psychotic) depression.

Contact me:

If you’ve read this page and are interested in working with me, you can email me all I need to know at or fill in the contact form below (preferred).