Birdie’s booktopia was founded at the start of 2021 by Birdie Woodnyx, a passionate reader and aspiring author looking to combine her two true loves: reading and writing. She decided to built this little corner of the internet to do just that.

The blog has since gone through quite a few changes to get where it is now, but ultimately Birdie’s booktopia is a safe haven. Whether that means for readers or for Birdie herself, it’s a place where one can drown themselves in the overwhelmingly beautiful world of literature and meet up with others to go on an adventure. Through the sky, the sea or the forest.

One of the primary goals of Birdie’s booktopia is to make diversifying your reading easier. Birdie believes that representation is incredibly important and shouldn’t feel like a thing someone needs to hunt for in literature. By shedding a light on these books and authors, she hopes to make a difference, if only a slight one.

She hopes you enjoy your stay!

About the little bird (aka Birdie)

Birdie (she/her) with her favourite

Hi all! My name’s Birdie and sorry to have to disappoint you, but I’m not actually a bird (as you can probably see)!

I’m a passionate reader and aspiring author living in Belgium. I like to read a lot of different genres, but would describe my taste in books as following: the best books are the ones I can have mental breakdowns over. Crying over books has, apparently, become my brand so prepare for a lot of tears and screaming on this blog!

For years and through seven rereads, my all-time favourite book was Looking for Alaska by John Green. It came at the exact right moment in my life and undoubtedly shaped and changed me, but I grew up and can’t give it that absolute number one spot anymore. It does deserve to be mentioned here.

Late to the party by Kelly Quindlen is my favourite book now and trust me: you’re gonna hear me talk about a lot. It’s a YA contemporary about friendship that’s so close to my heart despite only just having finished it. No book has ever made me feel like this one has, and the main character is basically a replica of me (including the fact that we’re both very, very gay).

And here are some other recent books I adored (oh help I just noticed how many of these are sapphic):

  • These feathered flames by Alexandra Overy
  • The Girls I’ve been by Tess Sharpe
  • The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater
  • Down comes the night by Allison Saft
  • The Gilded Ones by Namina Forna
  • A lesson in vengeance by Victoria Lee
  • A good girl’s guide to murder by Holly Jackson
  • Arc of a scythe by Neil Shusterman
  • Red, white and royal blue by Casey McQuiston
  • It goes like this by Miel Moreland

Some things to know is that I’m an autistic lesbian who doesn’t know when to shut up so, let’s cut it here before the rambling starts!

You can find me on Goodreads, Instagram and Twitter, and if you’d like to support me, here’s my wishlist!