I’m looking for a co-blogger! + Sign up form | Birdie’s booktopia is rebranding this November!

Hello all! Today’s post is gonna be different from my usual content because, well, it isn’t really content. I’m just here to give you some updates and I promise I’ll keep it short!

Birdie’s booktopia keeps on growing and growing and I am absolutely blown away by all the love and support this passion project of mine has gotten! As my book blog grows, though, so do I and after a while I started noticing my current subscription for my blog is limiting me in my creativity (NEVER buy a WordPress subscription, y’all).

So, after contemplating for a while, I’ve decided that when my subscription comes to an end (in November), I’m gonna self-host my blog! I’m incredibly excited about this new step in my journey!

This also means Birdie’s booktopia is rebranding, probably almost completely. There will be a new name, new graphics and as I’m gonna explain in a second: there will be a new voice, too…but most importantly of all: new content! I can’t share a lot yet, but it’s gonna be epic!

The whole reason behind me creating this post, though, is the new voice I’m looking for! This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while and I’ve finally decided to do it: I’m looking for a co-blogger! All the information you need is in the Google form I made for this, but don’t hesitate to reach out if you have more questions!

A quick summary though: I am looking for someone who reads diversely and would love to share their thoughts on all things bookish with other readers! Experience is not really important to me, I’d just love to find a creative and passionate soul to share this journey with.

The most important thing? I’d love to find someone who matches my energy so we can have fun and be friends!

If this seems interesting to you, you can find more information and sign up here! Do read all the information, as this is incredibly important.

So…exciting things are coming! November might seem far away right now and there will be lots of new posts in this booktopia before we get there, but I’m thrilled nonetheless! I’ll see you all soon!

13 thoughts on “I’m looking for a co-blogger! + Sign up form | Birdie’s booktopia is rebranding this November!

  1. So excited for this next step in your journey, Birdie! Would have loved to sign up to co-blog with you but time is something I struggle to manage with just my blog, so I wish you luck in finding someone who you would love to work with! Good luck, Birdie!

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