My most anticipated releases of 2021 | young adult, fantasy, contemporary, debuts and lots of LGBTQ+ | diversify your reading in 2021!

Maybe it’s because this is the first year I’ve been actively looking for releases but I feel like 2021 is gonna be an amazing year for YA books. Not only are there releasing many, many books with beautiful covers, there are just lots of stories with so much potential! I can tell you one thing: I’m so not ready (I just know my heart is gonna get broken multiple times) yet I can’t wait!

In this post I will be listing all the books I’m anticipating, but beware: you’re in for a ride! There are more books on this list than is good for me! Because there are so many books on here, I won’t be talking about them in detail. I will be talking about how much I am anticipating them (sounds good, highly anticipating or I need this now!), why I’m looking forward to them, any representation they have and the basics like title, author and release date! If it’s a debut novel, you will see a star (★) next to the author!

Now, let’s get into it!


Lore — Alexandra Bracken

Lore by Alexandra Bracken
Release date: January 5th

Highly anticipating
I feel myself being gravitated towards Greek mythology more and more lately, so when I read what this book was about, I knew I wanted to read it. Also, Medusa is like my favourite myth so I’m secretly hoping that this has something to do with it as well (like, the cover???).

Concrete Rose by Angie Thomas

Concrete rose by Angie Thomas
Release date: January 7th
Representation: black main character, gangs

Highly anticipating
The Hate U Give touched me and many other readers so when it was announced we’d be getting a prequel about Starr’s dad, I was beyond excited! I already know that Concrete rose is gonna be a powerful and impactful read and I can’t wait to read something by Angie Thomas again!

Last Night at the Telegraph Club by Malinda Lo

Last night at the telegraph club by Malinda Lo
Release date: January 19th
Representation: sapphic, Asian main character

Highly anticipating
Oh I just know this story is gonna break my heart. I can feel it. I mean, a sapphic romance set in 1954? Someone get me tissues already…No but seriously, this book sounds so good and I can’t wait to read about Lily and Kath’s love story!

The Girls I've Been, Tess Sharpe

The girls I’ve been by Tess Sharpe
Release date: January 26th
Representation: bisexual main character (sapphic romance)

Highly anticipating
Sometimes there’s just a title that really grips you and you know you need to read it. The girls I’ve been is just such a good title, but then I realised it is a sapphic thriller? Give it to me! Plus, this one is already getting adapted so I’m excited!



Muse by Brittany Cavallaro 
Release date: February 2nd

Highly anticipating
Brittany Cavallaro is one of those authors that always surprises me by how good her books sound. I’ve read A study in Charlotte (really need to finish that series) and thought her ideas couldn’t get more perfect for me, but this??? Wow.

All the Tides of Fate by Adalyn Grace

All the tides of fate by Adalyn Grace
Release date: February 2nd

I need this now!
As you may know, I adore All the stars and teeth, which is the first book in this duology! I’m currently rereading it and I really, really love Adalyn Grace’s writing style. I’m also lucky enough to be on the author’s sea crew (basically a promotion team) so closer to the release date I will definitely be coming at you with more content!

The Gilded Ones (Deathless, #1) by Namina Forna

The gilded ones by Namina Forna
Release date: February 9th
Representation: black main character

I need this now!
This book just sounds epic. Like, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of something like this, plus, there are some rumours that it’s feministic…You think I can resist that? Nope, I’m too simple for that!

A Court of Silver Flames (A Court of Thorns and Roses) (English Edition)  Sarah J. Maas

A court of silver flames
Release date: February 16th

Highly anticipating
I didn’t want to put this on the list at first but then I realised that that would be a big lie. So, yes, I’m definitely looking forward to reading A court of silver flames and I’m really, really hoping it won’t be problematic! The truth is I love this series and want to see if Sarah J. Maas has grown in making her books more diverse.

A Dark and Hollow Star by Ashley Shuttleworth

A dark and hollow star by Ashley Shuttleworth
Release date: February 23rd
Representation: pansexual, lesbian, bisexual, gay and genderfluid characters

I need this now!
This book already sounded good but then you see the representation and you know you won’t be able to resist to read it. I don’t make the rules, sorry! Let’s just say I’m ready for this rollercoaster!



Sing me forgotten by Jessica S. Olson
Release date: March 9th

Sounds good
This is a gender-bent the Phantom of the opera retelling and it just sounds really intriguing! I must admit that I have no idea what The Phantom of the Opera is about but I guess that’s okay…Either way, I’m hoping to read it!

43533785. sy475

Sweet & bitter magic by Adrienne Tooley
Release date: March 9th
Representation: sapphic

I need this now!
This synopsis had me screaming. Seriously, this one better be hyped up because wow, how good can a book sound? A witch who’s cursed by the inability to love and can only get it back for a little while by stealing love from others? Please…I need it.

American Betiya by Anuradha D. Rajurkar

American Betiya by Anuradha D. Rajurkar
Release date: March 9th
Representation: Asian (Indian) main character, cross-cultural relationship

Highly anticipating
I’ve never really read a novel about cross-cultural relationships (well, I’ve read about it, but it wasn’t really the focus, I guess) but I feel like it’s such an interesting and important topic. I just really want to know where this story would go so hopefully reading it!


Perfect on paper by Sophie Gonzales
Release date: March 9th
Representation: bisexual main character

I need this now!
When I tell I devoured Sophie Gonzales’s other novel, Only mostly devastated, I mean it. It was so original and I’m never gonna get over those characters. I can’t wait to read this one because it sounds amazing! I want more!


Can’t take that away by Steven Salvatore
Release date: March 9th
Representation: genderqueer main character (I believe genderfluid)

Sounds good
There are not enough books with characters who use they/them pronouns so when I read this description, I pretty much knew that I had to read it! I do think the synopsis is too vague for me to be fully excited, but I’m definitely hoping to pick it up!


Namesake by Adrienne Young
Release date: March 16th

I need this now!
Fable was definitely one of my favourite reads of 2020 because I just adore these characters! Namesake can’t be here fast enough because what was that ending? I need more…now! I’ll probably reread Fable soon and hopefully will be picking up more by Adrienne Young because wow!


Anna-Marie McLemore
Release date: March 16th
Representation: PTSD (sexual assault survivor), pansexual main character (I believe)

Highly anticipating
I’ve been wanting to pick up something by this author for a while, but I’ll probably wait for this book to release. It just sounds so heartbreakingly beautiful and I really, really want to find out more about the story!

44540687. sy475

Bruised by Tanya Boteju
Release date: March 23rd
Representation: sapphic, bipoc character, grief

Highly anticipating
This sounds so intriguing! I tend to really love reading about grief so I was hooked already, but this one especially sounds really gripping! What to expect from this book is still very vague for me though, especially because it says it’s sapphic but the synopsis doesn’t really hint at it.


Lost in the never woods by Aiden Thomas
Release date: March 23rd
Representation: it says LGBTQ+ but I can’t find anything specific + a fat side character

I need this now!
Sorry but Aiden Thomas is really out there stealing my heart with their story ideas! After reading their debut, Cemetery boys, I knew I wanted to read more by them. Then I found this book and…just wow! A peter pan retelling? This book just sounds so intriguing and I need to in my life!


She’s too pretty to burn by Wendy Heard
Release date: March 30th
Representation: sapphic

Sounds good
I have no clue what this is about (the synopsis really doesn’t help) which can mean that I’m stupid or it’s vague, but I heard this is a sapphic thriller and I’m a simple human being. So yes, I have to read this.

36307674. sy475

Rule of wolves by Leigh Bardugo
Release date: March 30th

I need this now!
Have I read King of scars? No…Am I still saying I need this now? Yes, duh! Leigh Bardugo is one of my favourite authors and the Grishaverse stole my heart. I’m still hoping to read King of scars this year (lol, let’s see how that goes) so…I’m allowing myself to really look forward to this one!


51006934. sy475

Everyone dies famous in a small town by Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock
Release date: April 1st

Highly anticipating
It’s the title for me. Something I really wanna try to read more often in 2021 is anthologies (preferably by multiple authors, but oh well, this one is an exception I guess). This story just sounds really interesting and, yes, I would’ve bought this just for the title. Now leave me alone…

40234952. sy475

The infinity courts by Akemi Dawn Bowman
Release date: April 6th
Representation: Asian main character

I need this now!
I haven’t read something by Akemi Dawn Bowman before but I just know I’m gonna love her work. I was planning on reading Starfish first but then this cover and synopsis hit me and I don’t know words anymore. If you hear a screeching sound on April 6th, hi, it’s Alissa.


Victories greater than death by Charlie Jane Anders
Release date: April 13th
Representation: it says LGBTQ+ but I can’t find anything specific

Sounds good
I definitely want to get into scifi in 2021 because I feel like I would really love it! This one is definitely still a bit vague but hey, it sounds good! Plus, I’m a sucker for that title (and secretly the cover too, but don’t tell anyone!).

52516406. sy475

She drives me crazy by Kelly Quindlen
Release date: April 20th
Representation: sapphic, bipoc character

Highly anticipating
The main reason I want to read this is, of course, that it is a sapphic romance that doesn’t need to stay hidden! Yes, I love all the closeted romances too, but sometimes it’s good to have the opposite. Besides, there’s a toxic ex mentioned and I just think it’s really important to write about toxic relationships, too! So yes, this one sounds amazing!

53016684. sx318

The key to you and me by Jaye Robin Brown
Release date: April 20th
Representation: sapphic

Highly anticipating
Yes, I just said I love that the characters of the previous book aren’t closeted. Yes, one of the characters in this book is definitely closeted. Yes, I’m looking forward to both of them equally! Jaye Robin Brown is an author that definitely attracts me (I really want to read The Meaning of Birds!) and this book just sounds so good! I don’t know, I just feel like this one is gonna leave me as an even bigger mess than I was already.



Counting down with you by Tashie Bhuiyan
Release date: May 4th
Representation: Bangladeshi main character

Highly anticipating
Never thought I’d put a book on this list with a premise that includes the words “bad boy”, but I trust this author enough to really look forward to reading it! Tashie Bhuiyan just seems like an amazing person and Chloe Gong is always so enthusiastic about her so…I’m weak! Plus, if you leave out the badboy part this book sounds really good to me!

44084665. sy475

The ones we’re meant to find by Joan He
Release date: May 4th
Representation: Asian characters (I believe)

Sounds good
This is another one of those stories that sound good and have a lot of potential, but are a bit too vague for me. Either way, I have heard great things about the author and overall this story sounds intriguing! I definitely want to find out more about it!

54513688. sy475

Realm breaker by Victoria Aveyard
Release date: May 4th

Sounds good!
I haven’t read Red queen yet, Victoria Aveyard’s first series, but I’ve been really wanting to do that! I’ve heard really mixed reviews about it though. Either way, this new series sounds really intriguing as well so let’s hope it’ll be good. I apparently have a weakness for taglines like “Save the world or end it”, lol.

51591632. sy475

Blade of secrets by Tricia Levenseller
Release date: May 4th
Representation: social anxiety

I need this now!
Still haven’t read The Shadows between us even though that first sentence literally stole my heart, but I’m already in need of Tricia Levenseller’s next book. I really love the idea of this in general but like I’ve said a few times in this post, I’m weak! When I read social anxiety in a fantasy I was ready to sell my heart for this. This could be a very empowering story so I’m excited!


Cool for the summer by Dahlia Adler
Release date: May 11th
Representation: bisexual main character

Highly anticipating
Wow, I will really be going out of my comfort zone next year, it seems. This is a book where you just know there’s gonna be a love-triangle (and how it’s gonna end, probably) and I’m not big on those. But still this book makes me really enthusiastic because I’m that desperate for bi-representation in books…

53802072. sx318

Some girls do by Jennifer Dugan
Release date: May 18th
Representation: bisexual and lesbian characters (sapphic romance)

I need this now!
This synopsis literally made me grin because it just sounds so cute and important and feministic. I really get “let’s break some stereotypes” vibes from this one and I’m here for it! I’m a simple girl (how many times am I gonna say this?), I read “bisexual teen beauty queen with a penchant for fixing up old cars” and I added it to my TBR.


In the ravenous dark by A. M. Strickland
Release date: May 18th
Representation: pansexual main character

I need this now!
Okay so I believe I’ve never read a book about a pansexual character and, ehm, it’s time to change that! Plus, this story seems so dark and intriguing and full of betrayal and aah, can’t wait for my heart to broken! I’ve reread the synopsis a few times now and this just sounds perfect…

48896122. sy475

The Ivies by Alexa Donne
Release date: May 25th

Sounds good
This just sounds like a quick and interesting read, but really nothing more than that? Who knows, maybe it will surprise me! It just sounds like it has a good vibe and I wanna read more thrillers, so why not?


52514688. sy475

Trouble girls by Julia Lynn Rubin
Release date: June 1st
Representation: sapphic, PTSD (sexual assault survivors)

I need this now!
This thriller, however, couldn’t have grabbed my attention more. Every time I read that synopsis I just get more excited and shocked. I don’t know what words are anymore. How do I express how much I am in need of this story? Oh, I think I know: *screams*.

52035051. sy475

An emotion of great delight by Tahereh Mafi
Release date: June 1st
Representation: Muslim main character

Highly anticipating
This synopsis really made me quiet. I love Tahereh Mafi and would literally read anything she writes, but this isn’t just anything: this sounds so impactful and heartbreaking. It’s such an important subject as well! I really cannot wait to see where the story will go and for Tahereh Mafi’s words to hit me like a train again.


Ace of spades by Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé
Release date: June 1st
Representation: bipoc characters, sapphic

I need this now!
This sounds truly amazing. It has all the dark academia vibes and I just want to know more! Like, I’m just gonna say it: this sounds like a much better version of Pretty little liars. I wouldn’t say the concept is that original, but I’m still so excited because of the representation and curious to see how the author will execute (HA, no pun intended *laughs way too loud*) this story.

49439243. sy475

The ghosts we keep by Mason Deaver
Release date: June 1st
Representation: genderfluid main character, grief

Highly anticipating
I’ve heard amazing things about the author so upon seeing there was gonna be another book by him, I had to check it out! The title is already really gripping, but the synopsis even more so. I just wanna know what is going on and what is going to happen and aah! It sounds heart-breaking yet heart-mending and if there’s one thing I love, it’s that.


One last stop by Casey McQuiston
Release date: June 1st
Representation: sapphic

I need this now!
Oh, wow! You all must be so surprised to see this book on here! #Not…either way, I absolutely adored Red, white and royal blue and I’m so happy that we’ll be getting another book by Casey McQuiston but this time a sapphic one! This author is literally on the way to become one of my favourites (have you seen her Twitter? It’s golden!!!) because of her high concept ideas and…well…the characters. Ugh, I can’t wait!

40131370. sy475

Girls at the edge of the world by Laura Brooke Robson
Release date: June 8th
Representation: sapphic

Sounds good
This sounds interesting, but the tag line convinced me. I don’t know, I think this could be a really beautiful coming of age story in the form of a fantasy/scifi novel.


Indestructible object by Mary McCoy
Release date: June 15th
Representation: bisexual main character

Highly anticipated
This reminds me a bit of Cool for the summer, but a lot more…sad? I’m all for sad books and I’m just gonna try this one, even though it also has a love triangle. Can’t let that trope ruin my chance of finding beautiful stories, right? Either way, the podcast element seems really nice as well and I’m excited to see both the friendships and romantic relationships develope!


53457092. sy475

Six crimson cranes by Elizabeth Lim
Release date: July 6th
Representation: Asian main character

I need this now!
This is another author I just need to read something by! Spin the dawn sounds amazing so I’ll definitely be reading that, but I think her upcoming novel interests me even more. I mean, it sounds so good! I’m ready!



A lesson in vengeance by Victoria Lee
Release date: August 3rd
Representation: sapphic

I need this now! (Most anticipated release of 2021)
A lesson in vengeance is the book I’m looking forward to the most. I just want to read this and nothing else because it sounds that good! Everything about this is just perfect for me: it’s a sapphic dark-academia, mystery with some witchery and ehm…I need that in my life, okay? Plus, I might’ve seen some art and that made me even more excited!


The dead and the dark by Courtney Gould
Release date: August 3rd
Representation: sapphic (with bisexual character)

I need this now!
This book just…I don’t…words? What are words? Please someone help me out because this one is another one I’m in need of immediately. Yes, the cover is gorgeous, but have you even read what it is about? Yeah…August 3rd will be a good day I guess…


Our Violent Ends eBook by Chloe Gong | Rakuten Kobo

Our violent ends by Chloe Gong
Release date: November 16th
Representation: Asian (Chinese) characters

I need this now!
No, I haven’t finished These violent delights yet, the first book in this duology, but I’m currently reading it and I’m literally obsessed. Can we take a moment to appreciate Chloe Gong’s writing style? I adore it and already can’t wait to read this and more by her!

Unknown release dates

I also quickly wanted to mention some books that don’t have covers or release dates yet! Kingdom of the cursed by Kerri Maniscalco, the sequel to Kingdom of the wicked, and I’m so excited for it! Emilia is still my queen and I can’t wait to get more of her! You’ll be the death of me by Karen McManus doesn’t have a synopsis yet but the basic idea sounds cool! And I’m kinda trash for Karen M. McManus so…

All these bodies by Kendara Blake, League of liars by Astrid Scholte and Castles in their bones by Laura Sebastian are all books I’m very excited to find out more about! I haven’t read anything by these authors but their books are all on my tbr, oops! And the last one doesn’t even have a title yet, but I cannot wait for the final(?) book in the A good girl’s guide to murder series!

So, that’s all! I told you it would be a wild ride! I ended up with fifty (50!!!) books and ehm…mom, if you’re reading this, I’m so sorry but you already know I’ll be buying a lot of books next year. Either way, I hope you added lots of books to your 2021 tbr. I’m already looking forward to a year full of more diverse books.

Thank you so much for reading this massive blogpost! I worked on it for three days, but I sincerely hope you enjoyed it! Be sure to add me on Goodreads or follow me on Instagram and let’s get in touch!

34 thoughts on “My most anticipated releases of 2021 | young adult, fantasy, contemporary, debuts and lots of LGBTQ+ | diversify your reading in 2021!

  1. This is such an amazing compilation of books! I haven’t actually heard of many of these, and I’ll definitely keep an eye out for The Key to You and Me and Six Crimson Cranes! I really enjoyed that you put in books with representation as well 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OMG LITERALLY ALL THESE BOOKS AHHHH IM SO EXCITED!!!😭 omggg there’s so many!!! Especially can’t wait to read ACOSF, Realm Breaker, The Dead and the Dark, and Our Violent Ends!!! xD just wait until you get to the end of These Violent Delights. It’s gonna be even more painful waiting for the 2nd book🥺 Ahh I love this post!💕

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I pre ordered Last Night At The Telegraph Club! I may order All The Stars And Teeth with it’s sequel in January, I can’t wait to read it. And The Gilded Ones is AMAZING, I got lucky and got a copy in a Fairyloot box.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg I can’t wait for that one, I haven’t heard that many people talking about it though! I’d definitely recommend All the stars and teeth soooo, can’t say no to that! And that’s so good to hear, lucky you indeed! Can’t wait to read it as well!


  4. Wow this post is a really comprehensive overview of new releases! Thank you for making this and making it so convenient to add books on goodreads – I just went through and added so many. I didn’t know most of these books exist or are coming out so this was really helpful. I’m excited to read a court of silver flames and also hoping it won’t be problematic lol. Also: Rule of Wolves. I need that book! AND an emotion of great delight because Tahereh Mafi is a goddess writer.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is the absolute sweetest, thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it so much because it took me a lot of time haha, but aaah I’m always happy to let people discover new books!! And yes, let’s pray ACOSF is not gonna be problematic! I can’t wait for Rule of wolves either and yass, Tahereh Mafi is a queeeen!!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Rule of Wolves, An Emotion of Great Delight, and Counting Down with You are all on my TBR for next year. There are going to be SO many releases next year, it’s exciting but also overwhelming lol.

    I hope you’re able to finish These Violent Delights and King of Scars soon! TVD is one of my favorite books of the year, and Chloe Gong is just so amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

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