Let’s discuss: How the bookcommunity influenced me (and keeps on doing so)

I still remember the exact moment that little me discovered that there were not only other people who liked to read, but also people who liked to talk about books. A whole new world opened up in front of me when I found out about this side of the internet. It was so much fun to see all those people talk about books they liked (or didn’t!) but to be honest: I didn’t have a clue what they were talking about because I had barely read any YA books.

That was a few years ago, of course, but after watching so many booklovers talk about their experiences with books something inside of me started to want to do the same thing. It took me a while to really start something but a while ago I started a bookstagram, a little after that my bookblog followed and now I’m also semi-active on booktwitter and thinking about starting a booktok.

Because of all these little pieces of the bookcommunity I’m a part of, you could say I get influenced a lot. I mean, it’s kind of hard to not get influenced when people are constantly screaming about their favourite books. But being influenced by others doesn’t have to be a bad thing, it’s what we bookbloggers (and etc.) are for, after all! Today, in the first “episode” of Let’s discuss, I will be talking about the ways I‘ve been influenced by our dear bookcommunity!

Now, let’s start with the most obvious change: the amount of books I read. Seriously, it’s absurd! Last year I read a little over thirty books and this year I’m probably gonna end up at about a hundred books…Sorry, but that literally blows my mind. HOW?! I do understand how this happened though. The bookcommunity didn’t just make me fall in love with reading, it made me discover it’s my passion. And constantly seeing books everywhere is kinda motivating I guess.

But it doesn’t stop there. The amount of physical books I own is another thing that has increased a lot. I’ve been reading for a few years now and thus collecting books (since I have this weird obsession where I just have to own the books that I read/like). My collection has been multiplied by three. THREE! Again, that’s just absurd! This may be an influence that leans more to being bad than good, but if I’m being honest? Buying books and owning them makes me happy! As long as I don’t lose control, I don’t see a problem.

I think none of you can really see me not reading fantasy (or even YA, if we’re gonna dig a little deeper). YA is about 90% of what I read (maybe even more…) and fantasy is my favourite genre. But, and this is a big one, I only discovered fantasy in 2020! This is actually crazy to me because I live, eat, and breathe fantasy. How did I survive? Well, I didn’t really because I’ve been dead for seven years (I love you if you get that reference), but that’s a conversation for another time…So, ehm, yeah, a lot has changed since then.

Another change where I’m thinking how did I survive? is the fact that before February 2020 I had never read anything apart from physical books. Because of the bookcommunity I wanted to try out audiobooks and I LOVED them. I did stop my audiobook subscription because my love for them started to fade away, but I’m still so happy that I discovered them! And then, after joining the community, I started to get contacted for e-ARCS (review copies, but as ebooks!). First I read them on my phone, but then I decided to purchase an e-reader AND I LOVE IT!!!

When I joined the bookcommunity I had one 1-star book, a few 4-star books and the rest of them were 5-star books. I think this is a pretty normal thing and it definitely has to do with growing up too, but most of it is because of the influence of the people around me: I’ve become a little bit critical. I don’t know, lots of people tell me I should just enjoy a book/movie/whatever but I’m proud of my critical mind. Because of it I’m able to realise things are problematic faster than most people my age and, in my opinion, when I enjoy a book that feeling is stronger now than it was back then!

The last change I want to talk about is the most important one to me: I’m less lonely. If you don’t know, my mental health has been really bad for, like, five years now, but the last months my little booktopia and all its residents have made me feel better! You’ve made me stronger and whenever I’m feeling bad, I know where to go.

So, conclusion? There’s the good and there’s the bad, of course, but I couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of this amazing community! I’ve matured a lot in the months I’ve been here and it has also given me a better understanding of what I want in life, what I want to do and become. Joining this part of the internet has been the best decision I’ve ever made. Thank you to everyone who supports me and my growing friend-list (if you ever wanna talk, just hit me up! I’ve heard that I come across as intimidating, but I’m always so happy when someone messages me!)!

I think that’s about everything I have to say for this episode of Let’s discuss! I hope you enjoyed this new sort of post and if you ever think of something you want to hear my experience with, let me know! But this wouldn’t be called Let’s discuss if we didn’t discuss today’s topic:

Let me know about something that has (drastically) changed since you joined the bookcommunity down below! Let’s discuss!


19 thoughts on “Let’s discuss: How the bookcommunity influenced me (and keeps on doing so)

  1. ahhh, alissa!! i loved this post so much!! since i’m not that old to the book blogging community too, i related to so many of these points, and it was so wonderful to read this post!! as soon as i joined the community, i found so many amazing new books and genres, and my tbr was literally overflowing!! i’m super excited for what you have in store for the rest of your let’s discuss series!! i love love love this post!!

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  2. I loved this post so much Alissa! It was truly heartening to hear about your experience and find myself resonating with some of the points! YOU NEVER KNEW OF FANTASY BEFORE 2020? *shocked face*? Because I had the same problem too haha! Before I joined book blogging, all the fantasy I knew of were just books that had covers which looked intriguing that I picked up at the library… and not all were that great… so definitely yes, the bookish community has thrown so many amazing fantasy books at me! I’m really excited for this Let’s Discuss series! Lovely post!

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    1. Thank you so much Cherelle, I’m glad you could relate! AND OMG IKR, it’s so weird to realise that now because fantasy is my *obsession*! I had never even tried fantasy because I didn’t understand what could be so great about it, lol! Look how the tables have turned haha! Thank you love!!

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  3. This is such an intriguing topic! It’s so interesting how you’ve actually started reading more since discovering the book community – I’ve actually found that I now read a bit less than I used to, because time I used to spend reading has turned into me succumbing to the depths of BookTube and book blogs 😂 (Though, to be fair, I also generally have less free time than I did before I started university, so that might be partially to blame, too…) However, I do agree that I think more about what I’m going to rate books while I’m reading them – something I never used to do pre-goodreads – and through that, I’ve also started thinking about books I read for fun more critically than I used to!

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    1. Thank you!! And yes, that sounds a bit more logical actually haha, but reading really made me fall in love with reading so I started to spend more of my free time reading! But I definitely feel you, the bookcommunity can also take a lot of my time because it’s kinda addicting. (School is just an obstacle that keeps you from reading, it seems haha!) Yes, thinking critically is something I never really thought about that! It’s so much fun and just very interesting in my opinion!

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  4. Het was zo’n leuke blog om te lezen! En ik ben zo blij om te horen hoeveel bookstagram voor je heeft betekend! Ik houd ook echt enorm veel van bookstagram, had ik eigenlijk nooit verwacht voor ik er deel van ging uitmaken en let me tell you, een van mijn beste beslissingen ooit! Ik heb zoveel fantastische nieuwe mensen leren kennen en het is gewoon een hele warme gemeenschap vind ik! And i always love talking with you of course ❤

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    1. Bedankt!! Bookstagram is echt een van de beste dingen die er bestaan haha, en dat gevoel had ik ook bij bijvoorbeeld booktwitter! Ik heb veel van mijn beste vrienden gewoon gevonden in deze community en ik vind het ook altijd leuk om met jou te praten he, thank you!!


  5. I love this and I’m definitely looking forward for more episodes of Let’s discuss posts! I was also like you because I didn’t know that there was a place on the internet where other people could talk about books but when I discovered the bookish community I’ve been loving every part of it. I too discovered that I had a passion for reading since I joined the community!

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