Review: Above all else

Above all else isn’t a book I’d normally pick up. It revolves about climbing and I have never really been interested in that, yet I couldn’t resist this book. There was just something to it that grabbed my attention. Today I’ll tell you if I thought it was worth it!

What is Above all else about?

PRICE: €16.51

Rose Keller and Tate Russo have been climbing for years, training in harsh weather and traveling all over the world. The goal that kept them going? Summiting Mount Everest, the highest point on earth. Accompanied by Tate’s dad, the two will finally make the ultimate climb at the end of their senior year. But neither Rose nor Tate are fully in the game—not only is there a simmering romance between them, but Rose can’t get her mind off her mother’s illness, while Tate constantly fails to live up to his ambitious father’s standards.

Everyone on their expedition has something to prove, it seems. And not everyone is making the best decisions while short on oxygen and exhausted, body and mind. The farther up the mountain they go, the more their climbing plans unravel and the more isolated each team member becomes. Rose and Tate will have to dig deep within themselves to determine what—or who—they value above all else.

What did I think of Above all else?

“Walking away from the summit of Everest was like letting go of a rope I’d been clinging to and realizing I’ll float instead of fall.”

This book was a rollercoaster of emotions. I read it in one sitting (and maybe stayed up a bit too late) and I just felt so many things. I was invested from the start, it just didn’t let me go!

Above all else started off as an adventure with a really soft romance, but that escalated quickly (no pun intended). I became a mess over the characters, just rooting for them so much. And then the story took another turn and let’s just say I ended up crying. A lot.

This is the first book by this author that I read, but I’m so in love with her writing style now! It just grabbed me in some way I guess. There’s something about the way she crafts her characters and story too; it felt amazingly real.

I really loved the climbing aspect in this story. Together with the romance it was the main theme and even though I’m not in the climbing world, I felt that the author did a great job at representing it. Like I said though, I’m really not that interested in climbing but this book really touched me.

Throughout this book I also had a great connection with the characters. I was rooting for the romance from the start and the friendships that were formed were amazing. I came to love all the characters. What I also loved was that this book felt inclusive, which I’m always here for!

In the end the story definitely took a turn, like I mentioned, and I cried my eyes out. Again everything felt so realistic (the reactions of the characters really impacted me). This story was so much more than just a romance, which I first thought it would be! (But the romance was amazing, not gonna lie.)

I think you can tell I’m head over heels in love with this story. I beg you to pick it up so I can talk to someone about this beautiful, heartbreaking journey! Above all else definitely deserves a 4.5/5 from me!


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