Why I love reading

“Reading is like dreaming with your eyes open.” “Books are uniquely portable magic.” “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.” These are all famous quotes about what reading means to people and how it can be different for every person. Today I’m gonna try to explain to you why I read – and of course why I love it as much as I do.

Hi lovely bookworms!

If you don’t know it yet: I’m really into psychology. I love understanding why people do the things they do and specifically why I do the things I do. So that’s why I started to wonder why I love reading and specifically stories so much. It’s the biggest part of my life, but why?

Well, I’ve been reading for about five years now. Just like I changed, my reasons for reading changed. Growing up, reading was a way to go on an adventure for me. I’ve always been really empathic and so I could really sympathize with the characters – sometimes even a bit too much with my imagination!

I remember finishing a book and just starting to cry because it was over. I felt so weird back then, because after all it’s just a book, the product of someone else’s mind, isn’t it?

Now that I’m older, when I hear people say “it’s just a story” I can list thousands of reasons why it isn’t. If it were just a story, we wouldn’t love reading as much as we do, would we?

Reading is a way to educate yourself for me. Because of reading I’ve become a better person, someone who understands the world and its people a lot more than other people my age. I may never experience exactly what the characters of my favourite books do, but because of the emotions I can at least imagine a small part of it.

But it’s also a way of understanding myself, feeling less alone because I relate to characters. Take my favourite book, Looking for Alaska, as example: one of the reasons I love it that much, is because of the life lessons about my own life I got out of it. It broke my heart in a thousand pieces, but it also gave me hope and a purpose in life.

Another thing reading has taught me is of course to describe things. Ever since I’ve started reading I’ve heard people say I’m so good at describing things, especially feelings. That’s definitely a product of the amount of books I’ve read in my life.

My vocabulary is pretty big, if I say so myself. I read in both English and Dutch and even though English isn’t even my first language, I’m pretty much fluent in it. I’m very good with words in both languages and that brings me to the next point.

I read so I can write. Writing is another passion of mine and without reading, I would honestly suck at it. It’s a way of coping for me – I honestly don’t know what I would do without it! You can’t write if you don’t enjoy reading in my opinion, so that’s an effect reading had on me, too.

And lastly, I probably also read to feel things without having to confront myself with my own problems. I can cry because of a book, but the real reason I’m crying is so much deeper than another character’s death. It’s because of what it resembles to me, but at that moment I can just cry and think it’s about that and solely that.

So yes, it’s an escape for me too.

If you got this far I really wanna thank you for reading all of my rambling. But I did really enjoy writing this kind of post and sincerely hope you enjoyed reading it as well!

But now the big question is…why do you love reading? Can you relate to anything I said? Please let me know!

I’ll hopefully see you in another blogpost. Stay strong and remember to look after yourself!


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